Friday, May 30, 2008

That Unbearable Lightness Thing

W. Hiya. Been awhile. Sorry about that.

So, we did it. We went away for a mom & dad only vacation (to Mexico!). It was our first trip in a LONG time. Seriously, the last trip we took together was up to the San Juan Islands when, upon our return (and on our 2nd anniversary, no less), D presented me with a surprise anniversary gift: a positive pregnancy test. But that's a different story. This story is about this trip.

The occasion for this trip was a wedding. Our dear friends Shane and Stephanie tied the knot in grand fashion (as is their way) on the beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula. A giant reunion on the beach, the force of which still hasn't quite registered since we're still basking in the sunny glow of all the love and exuberance of the whole affair. We'll be talking about this wedding for years and years, that's for sure.

One of the wonderful things about Shane and Stephanie's story is that it is a story of reunion - they dated, drifted apart, realized it was meant to be, and returned to one another. The distance between them during their time apart helped them to clearly see that they were beholden to one another.

Isn't it funny - with greater distance, it's sometimes easier to see what's right in front of us and what's deep in our hearts. It's the perspective, I guess. And in the same way, the distance we traveled away from our boys for the first time helped us put new perspectives on our journey into parenthood.

Of course, we'll remember it as our first trip away from our little guys. They were tended to (and doted on) by their loving grandparents and our superstar au pair. The ratio was still 3 on 2 (which is a fair match for the Deuce). The boys were in wonderful, capable, loving hands, so we didn't have anything to worry about.

And we didn't worry. Seriously. But what a grip the little guys have on us!

Every intimate conversation between us over the trip inevitably turned to the boys - what they were doing, how they were doing. We'd mimic their expressions and make each other laugh and laugh. And when we were with all our friends, if they didn't turn the conversation to the boys, we did.

But that's just the outward stuff. The real kicker is what's going on inside these new parental brains. Privately. Synapses firing alone.

Then, you really feel it. We've completely been rewired. Every thing we do has a filter. All my senses - it's the boys. All my thoughts - they're right there.

A walk on the beach turns to thoughts of when the boys will walk on the beach for the first time. A swim in the ocean - I can't wait to show them the ocean! Diving off a platform - oh man, I just know the boys are going to love this as much as I do.

Snorkeling, the colorful fish, the warm breezes, hot sand, the smell of sun tan lotion on clothes, catching a wave at just the right time. Watching kids play soccer in the town square, I see F & O, six years from now, playing as hard as they can play. When I throw a frisbee, they're thowing a frisbee.

Ah, well, you get my point - a little distance goes a long way. (And we had a great time too!)


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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More pictures from the image farm

W. Our family has been clamoring for more pictures. I've finally uploaded a ton from my camera, so here we go!








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Monday, May 19, 2008

capturing cuteness

D: I stole the following pics off our Au Pair's camera. I guess stole is a harsh word...more like captured them for the world to see. They're so cute! Enjoy.

Anna's camera

Anna's camera

Anna's camera


Anna's camera

Anna's camera

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A matter of convenience

With grocery and gas prices soaring, everyone's talking about how to cut down on $$. On one hand, you’d want to shop as close to home as possible to save on gas money. On the other hand, the closest grocery store may also be the most expensive in town. And with two additional hungry mouths to feed I am learning that we are not just buying more food, but everything about the way we are shopping has changed.

For instance, before the Deuce, I never spent much time in the middle isles. I was a quick-lap-around-the-outside kind of shopper and rarely stocked my shelves with anything in a box. Now, my pantry is full of convenient boxed foods (crackers, mac and cheese, soups, cereal bars, etc.), and that stuff is NOT cheap! And until I can find a way to consistently prepare toddler food quickly using only fresh meat and veggies I will be frequently perusing the middle isles for a few more years at least.

Besides penny pinching, another factor that is determining my choice of grocery stores is convenience. I remember the days when the babies were tucked snug into their infant stroller seats as I confidently strolled down any isle with ease while filling the basket below. Times have changed and quick, grabby hands have made it nearly impossible to take the double side-by-side stroller down the isles without boxes flying off the shelves on either side of me.

Thankfully I live close to three different grocery stores that attempt to cater to families with multiples.

Here is a picture of our Au Pair steering our wide load down the isles of QFC:


Unfortunately, the only double-kiddo stroller they have has two broken straps making it no where near a safe ride. I’ve complained to the management about it several times, but they just don’t seem to make it a priority. (Can I get a “BOO”?!)

Safeway’s got an adorable plastic car attached to the front end of their cart. I think the store by my place has at least 2, which saves me from circling outside waiting for the double-kiddo stroller to become available (another QFC frustration).



The only problem I have with this contraption is it’s length. Imagine steering a shopping cart with an additional 4 feet of yellow plastic racing car on the end of it down a crowded shopping isle… yeah, it’s tough. Also, the kids are really far away from me, leaving me relatively helpless when I’m standing in the check out line and one of my children (8 feet ahead of me) begins to pull on the skirt of the women ahead of us.

The winner,so far, has to be Fred Meyer’s double-kiddo cart. It doesn’t ad length, the kids are where I can see (and control) them, and it looks pretty stinkin’ cute.


Notice the Deuce picking up on their mom’s relaxed attitude, as they kick their feet up on the steering wheels end enjoy the ride!


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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Couldn't have said it better myself

D: This past weekend Twin Town was full to the brim with family as the Deuce met their newest cousin for the first time. Aunt L has artfully documented the entire weekend on her blog here.
In the spirit of twin parenting (why do it twice when it's already be done?) I'm going to just encourage you to visit her blog for the pics and stories.

Oh, and of course, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to every single mother I know. I am constantly amazed and inspired by your endless love and devotion to your children. I have so much to learn from these women in my life. (Especially you, Mom!)

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another Roadside Attraction

D: Every week the Deuce and I look forward to ending (or starting?) our week with my one of my closest girlfriends, Jessa, for our Sunday morning ritual. From the very first day of my children's lives Jessa has been right by my side supporting our family and sharing in all the wonderful (and sometimes not-so-wonderful) memories. The Deuce love her like they would love a close Aunt, and without one single family member living within 200 miles of us, that is something pretty special. We are all big Jessa fans in Twin Town.

This past Sunday we visited my new favorite eatery in Seattle, Calamity Jane's in Georgetown. The breakfast was SO YUMMY, and the decor is super cute. It seems relatively newish so I forgive them for only having one highchair (F did pretty good for his first time in a booster seat!).

Afterwards we visited my all time favorite oddity in Seattle, the Hat 'N Boots. The Hat 'N Boots were once part of a cowboy-themed gas station built in the 1950s but was abandoned soon after. Although they sat abandoned for decades, dedicated neighbors continued to successfully protect them from demolition. A few years ago they were finally moved to a city park where they were cleaned up and are now protected for all those who love quirky roadside attractions to come visit.

F thought they were pretty cool!

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Playground Politics

D: Recently the Deuce and I visited one of our favorite playgrounds in our neighborhood. Upon arrival we all ran for the two bucket swings, but unfortunately there was only one swing available. O quickly became incredibly antsy (whiny) for his turn on his favorite ride in the park while F seemed content to sit by my feet patiently waiting his turn (eating wood chips). As usual in Twin Town, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and O was soon soaring through the air with delight.

It was not long however that I knew F would grow bored with his wooden feast by my feet and feel the need to wonder. The parent/child occupying the other swing to our left was surely to be done soon, right?

Just then another family came up behind us and voiced their intent to want to swing... "It's OK Johnny. Someone will get off the swing soon so you can have your turn."

The swinging parent to our left got the hint and quickly took her daughter out of the swinging bucket. I then turned to pick up F and plop him onto the swing. Just as I was beginning to see sheer joy in F's face the parent rudely starts to yell "Hey, it's our turn!"

Ah, um, excuse me?!

"First", I thought to myself, "until they make bucket seat swings made just for twins where they can both ride on it at the same time, they will have to wait their turns just like everyone else.

Second, just because I bring two children to the park does not mean that we have to decide that only ONE of them gets a turn on the swing.

And finally (Mr. Big Meany Parent who's Teaching Rude Behavior to His Child), I didn't read any rules at the park that said that not more than one swing can be operated by one parent at one time, even if there are two different children on them. "

No sir, my little F-Man has waited his turn and now he will get his swing on.

Of course, I didn't say any of this out loud. I just gave him my passive aggressive stink-eye and tried to focus on my children's gleeful squeals as they soar up and down.

We also may have stayed on the swings a bit longer than we usually would have. :)

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