Friday, June 20, 2008

17 month update

D: The boys turn 17 months tomorrow (one day before I turn... um, 30 something!). At 17 months they have really shown us their individual personalities and talents. We are being careful not to place them into rigid, separate boxes, such as O is more this and F is more that. Even if we wanted to it would be really hard to do, since they are always changing and learning from each other. We try to say "at this time...”, allowing them room to change and become who ever they want to be.

However, as we use this blog to truthfully record our children’s toddler years, I realize that there will a fair amount of comparison as well as several descriptions that they both will share equally. (With the hopes that they don’t use this to competitively compare themselves when the get older!)

So, “at 17 months” I have definitely observed F to be a bit more adventurous with new things, always barreling towards something that interests him even if he's never seen it before. O is a bit more timid when it comes to new things, especially large blow-up things, vacuums, and showers. He takes the time to study something first and sizes it up to determine if it’s safe.

Both are very social at this age and I have yet to see any stranger anxiety in either child. They babble-talk to everyone and point at people as they walk by. Both love to dance and have their own fancy moves they are working on. F jerks his whole body suddenly with each beat, bending his knees and stomping his feel. O wildly claps his hands and loves to bounce up and down. Both sway their bodies back and forth in a full-body swing.

Both kids have an impressive obsession with balls and are equally talented with their handling skills. O prefers the one handed throw and F usually throws two handed (like a shock-put) unless he's faking you out by thowing it behind his back. They are both just now learning to catch. They have a blast with the baby basketball hoop and I've even seen them pass the ball to one another before making a dunk. Throwing the ball for our dog is F's all-time favorite thing to do.

“Where’s …?!” is their favorite game. They will each hide behind a wall or in the closet and giggle as I call out “where’s … ?” And then they will literally come running out from hiding and declare their presences with a triumphant “HAA!” Then they will run back into hiding again. It’s a riot.

At this time, F is more interested in holding our hands, as we walk down the street. While O will go ‘limp legs’ and drop to the sidewalk any time we try to hold his hand. O’s independence is a little more important to him at the moment.

While playing in the sand box they both enjoy burying things. Once the object is hidden they will throw their hands up, shrug their shoulders and say to each other "where'd it go?" (or at least it sounds like "where'd it go") This is a gesture they use often, and find it humorous to make things disappear (like throwing food and cups from their trays) and say "where'd it go?" It's really hard not to laugh.

Speaking of language, the Deuce still have a very limited vocabulary. They are 'talking' all the time in what we call 'twin-talk'... the official language here in Twin Town. It is very hard to replicate, as it has guttural sounds that I can't even pronounce. But both boys know it and understand it well. They are constantly talking to each other, us, the dogs, anyone who will listen. We are working hard on teaching them words from the English language and our Au Pair has also successfully taught the boys a few words in sign language. They both say mama, dada, nana and anna... but they usually don't assign the word to it's propper association. However, we are please to announce that recently F has clearly said the word "banana" and assigns it not only to the fruit but also pictures of the fruit! O has not yet chosen his first word but as I said before, O's a thinker and I'm sure he's just hasn't decided which word is going to be the special one.

Instead of using words they both mutter phrases that sound very close to the words they should be. "Where'd it go" sounds like "er-a-oh?" "Here you go" (when F hands you something) sounds like "her-o". And O is constantly yelling "dit-dowe!" which I am sure is "sit down!"... something they hear us say at least 20 times a day.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Go Team!!

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Don’t Look Away

D: Today, while I was putting the kids down for their nap, F (per the usual) was letting me know that he was in need of a bit more lovin’ from me before he was ready to go down. So, as O slept peacefully beside us in his crib, I sat with F and rocked him in the dark while quietly humming his favorite song (Rainbow Connection… the Willie Nelson version). It was not long before I felt F’s tiny body completely relax in my arms.

Once my eyes became fully adjusted to the darkness, I looked down expecting to see a sleeping toddler snoozing away. Instead, F’s eyes were open wide and intently peering up at his mama. I returned his gaze and held it for quite some time; just as we had done so many times when he was nursing as an infant. I was reminded of all those nights and sleepy afternoons, when I would look down and see 2 sets of eyes examining every characteristic of my face. I too was studying each feature on each of my children, trying to burn each vision onto my eternal memory card inside my brain.

Today, as I continued to hold F’s gaze it occurred to me how long it had been since we’ve been locked in this kind of moment. I suddenly felt like someone had taken our family’s clock and hit fast forward. In my opinion, raising toddlers is much more fun than raising babies but it also goes by incredibly faster. There are much less chances to pause and just ‘be’ with one another. I felt my grip on F tighten as tears began to fall down my face; all the while my little boy was still looking up at me peacefully. I wondered if he was as entranced in my arms and my song as I am in him.

I don’t know how many moments I will have like this with my children, so I treasured it as it was the last. (I also then remind myself to do the same with all our cherished moments.) I was unaware of how much time had passed before I watched his little eyes close, and as he drifted off to sleep I whispered a ‘thank you’ before gently put him to bed.

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