Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pass the Egg Rolls

Walker: I love the cravings. Apparently the Twins love Chinese food because in the past two weeks Dana has been craving take-out Chinese. We've had it 3 times this week already, and it is only Thursday. Not that I have a choice here, but I'm thrilled because I love Chinese food, and I love supporting Dana. Go, Dana, go.

Stay tuned for more updates on cravings...

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dana: The ultrasound is scheduled for this Friday; it's the Big One we've all been waiting for where we'll be able to determine the sex of the little ones inside me. Everyone says that I should have a 'feeling,' but I really don’t. To be honest, I'm not sure what that 'feeling' would feel like. There are times when I see two little girls playing (like my adorable neighbors), and I almost start to cry because I get so overwhelmed with emotion. But mostly I chalk that up to the hormones. On the other hand, when I talk about them, I often use male pronouns.

In a way, it's fun not knowing. It gives me a chance to dream about our life with either two little boys or two little girls. But I am also glad that modern technology will cure our curiosity on Friday. I know every mother says this, but I truly believe that boys or girls, I will love them just the same.

A quick pregnancy update...In the last two weeks I have been to 12 appointments with different practitioners of various disciplines (massage, yoga, physical therapy, chiropractic, accupuncture) to help me with my sciatica. At this point, I honestly believe that I could write a book on sciatic pain and the various methods of pain relief. But no one would buy it since I can't seem to figure out how to make the pain go away. Walker mentioned 'pain management' the other day, and I figure that's where I am right now. The pain seems to have dulled slightly, and I've figured out ways to go about my life with as little strain on my body as possible. Yes, that would be me, doing the duck waddle down the street. I've gotten pretty good at it! I've also found tremendous relief in wearing a heavy duty weight lifting-type belt given to me by my physical therapist. Very hot.

So back to the question at hand...what do you think....

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Go Hoosiers!

New Hoosier Basketball fans in the making. Thanks Mom! love, Walker & Dana

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Dad Moustache

Walker: Behold the Dad Moustache. I'm not sure why more hasn't been written about this exciting subject given its long and distinguished history. A quick Google search elicited only one entry where "Your Father's Moustache" was used as an insult. Hmph.

Like "nesting" and "driving less insane" the instinct to grow a Dad Moustache is strong. My father had a Dad Moustache when I was born. And upon entering in this world, Dana's father greeted her with a Dad Moustache too.

Where does this instinct come from? Here are my current theories.

1. Support. One mustache equals tens of thousands of "What can I get for you honey?"

2. Outward Display of Fatherhood.
Everyone can tell that Dana is pregnant, but as I walk around I want people to know without me telling them. The Dad Moustache answers all questions.

3. Grow
Something. Watching Dana, I want to grow something. The Dad Moustache is it.

If you have any other ideas, please send them my way. Until next time, Walker

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Unexpected joys

Walker: First things first - let's take a moment to marvel at how great Dana looks in this picture. She, despite battling sciatica, looks this wonderful all the time these days.

Next things next - let's take a moment to marvel at the incredible piece of engineering that Chili Bean is lounging in. There have been a couple of unexpected joys during Dana's pregnancy. For instance, yesterday driving home from the tile store we passed by a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, and I thought to myself, "oh, oh, oh! But it's 4:30, and Dana would never..." when all of a sudden, Dana said, "I think I want one of those doughnuts right now." Two minutes later we were enjoying a couple of chocolate iced glazed.

Another unexpected joy has been the full realization of the power of Craigslist. See that double Peg Perego stroller in the picture - Craigslist, $500 off retail new. And it looks new. Two matching infant car seats with two extra car bases - Craigslist, $300 off retail new. Where will these be sold when the Wonder Twins grow out of them? Craigslist.

Ok, gotta run back to the basement project. More on that later...

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Thursday, August 17, 2006


DANA: While I am 100% determined to enjoy my pregnancy, especially these next few months, my body is having other ideas. A few days ago I started having pain in the back of my left leg, and then it became increasingly harder to sit for long periods of time without my butt becoming sore and numb. I was pretty sure this was just a result of a heavier frame weighing down on my tush, but the shooting pain going down the back of my leg and the unbearable lower back pain that came next told me it was probably time to get this checked out.

What I've learned, is that I most likely have Periformis Syndrome, causing pain along the sciatic nerve, that is often called Sciatica. Apparently this is common in pregnancy, as hormones cause the pelvis muscles to loosen and tilt, putting pressure on the nerves and causing inflammation. Most people, on the other hand just don't have as early in the pregnancy as I do!

So, while Walker has been slaving away on the basement, I've been going to the chiropractor and doctor, getting massage and acupuncture, and taking prenatal yoga... anything I can think of to make the pain go away. If anyone had any ideas, I'd love to hear em.

The good news?... the baby's are still doing great and Walker and I learned that we probably will be able to find out their gender at the next ultrasound. We are now taking bets!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm Back!

Dana: That's right, we are officially well into the sweet sweet 2nd trimester and I feel like myself again., plus a few extra pounds, an increasingly large belly, and some pretty pesky aches and pains. But that's pregnancy, right! All that matters now is that I am ready to enjoy the "honeymoon period" of pregnancy and start living again. I can not fully explain how it feels to be as tired as I was during my 1st trimester. It was like a semi-truck blind-sided me with a daily dose of bricks and just left me completely useless. Every morning I'd start it all over again, hoping to get through another day with at least half of what I needed to get accomplished.

Through it all the little troops have been kickin it just fine...and I do mean kicking! I can't feel them yet, but every time we have an ultrasound, they can't seem to sit still! They are their father's children. :)

We have started another Lockhart Project on the house last weekend and are well on our way towards remodeling the basement and bathroom so that we can move down closer to the nursery. It is fun thinking about how the chaos of our house is going to change into, well, a different kind of chaos! I can't wait.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Getting Younger

Walker: Follow me here. Dana and I are getting younger. Dana is 29 and I'm 32. We were planning to have one baby this year, and then a second baby in a few years. But as the old saying goes, how do you tell God a joke? You make a plan.

This brings up a rather funny - at least to me - little trick we'll be able to play on the Twins when they grow up. Dana and I will be able to tell one of the twins that he or she was planned and tell the other that he or she an accident. And vice versa. Good times ahead.

So back to getting younger. According to the original plan, by the time Dana and I would have had baby number two , we would have been 31 and 34, respectively. But that's not the plan anymore. According to the new plan, we'll be 29 and 32 with two kids. It's like we started having babies two years ago.

Time warp. Gotta love it.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Second Trimester: Life is Beautiful

Walker: Well, here we are...week 12! I can't say much except how absolutely amazing(and gorgeous) Dana is and how much I love ultrasound. One of the wonderful benefits of having twins is that we get sneek peeks of the Rascals in their aquatic evirons every other week.

The evolution is astounding. The Critters are almost twice as big as they were two weeks ago. This was the first ultrasound where it was difficult to see them together in the same frame, so they are getting bigger by the moment. But when we could see them together, it looks as though they are in the midst of an elegant in utero ballroom dance. OK. Maybe elegant is the wrong word - but it is beautiful.

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