Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Dad Moustache

Walker: Behold the Dad Moustache. I'm not sure why more hasn't been written about this exciting subject given its long and distinguished history. A quick Google search elicited only one entry where "Your Father's Moustache" was used as an insult. Hmph.

Like "nesting" and "driving less insane" the instinct to grow a Dad Moustache is strong. My father had a Dad Moustache when I was born. And upon entering in this world, Dana's father greeted her with a Dad Moustache too.

Where does this instinct come from? Here are my current theories.

1. Support. One mustache equals tens of thousands of "What can I get for you honey?"

2. Outward Display of Fatherhood.
Everyone can tell that Dana is pregnant, but as I walk around I want people to know without me telling them. The Dad Moustache answers all questions.

3. Grow
Something. Watching Dana, I want to grow something. The Dad Moustache is it.

If you have any other ideas, please send them my way. Until next time, Walker

Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 7:19 PM