Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I swear

Walker: In physics, it is well known that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In biology, it is well known that organisms constantly seek a state of homeostasis or balance. By walking around on Earth, I am beholden to the laws of physics, and as a human organism, I seek a constant state of homeostasis.

That said, ever since the Deuce has come home I've been swearing. Not around the Twins, but I've been cussing. Dropping F-bombs. Alot. Like a sailor. Like a truck driver. Like Bobby Knight. Ok, perhaps not as much as Bobby Knight, but you get the point. Talking to my friends about the birth of the Twins I found that I'd drop a #$@!# where I would have never done so before.

But why in the %#@! would I do that?

The answer is simple. I am not used to be surrounded by duckies and bunnies and fluffy little bears and jammies and all this other cute $^#Q$ that has flooded our home. So in order to maintain a bit of balance, I've been dropping a %@#$& or a $#Q@@$ where I would never have done so before.

Needless to say, I'm a bit $@#$ shocked by my $@#@# behavior, so I'm going to do my absolute best to work on this, lest the Twins first words are $@#@# or &^$#@. I don't think that Dana would like that very much, which of course would bring another type of equal and opposite reaction. And I certainly don't want that.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Top 4 Questions Answered

Dana: Yesterday we celebrated the 1-week birthday of our brand new baby boys. It amazes me that 7 days have passed. Walker and I have commented several times how much it feels like it’s been one long day since last Sunday. There have been times when I’ve had trouble remembering what day it is and I think to myself, “It doesn’t really matter, what do I have planned for the next few months, other than being a mom”. But then I remember that every day that passes is another day I will never get to spend with my children. I treasure each and every moment.

Within a narrow window of time I will attempt to post my thoughts and updates from the last week. It seemed easier to do so by answering the most frequently asked questions I’ve gotten so far.

1) How are the boys?

Incredible! They are happy and healthy and cuddly and everything I could have ever hoped my children would be. I had no idea they would be this beautiful, and that I could ever feel so much pride, so soon into motherhood. I could stare at them all day long and be entertained by their expressions. I try to study them all in order to learn their personalities, just as I did when I studied their movements in utero.

2) How is the breastfeeding going?
SO GREAT! As with every thing related to our children, we are trying not to get ahead of ourselves, knowing that things could change any moment and unforeseen challenges may arise. But the breastfeeding is something I am quite proud of. From their first meal, just moments after their birth, they were simultaneously feeding and have been ever since. It took a few tries for all three of us to get the hang of it, but have since mastered the fine art of the football hold and a good solid latch. For those of you who don’t know much about breastfeeding, you must believe that this is quite an accomplishment. I can even boast that once they are ‘on’ I am hands-free to check email or sip a cup of tea.

3) How are you doing?
For the most part, fine. Physically, this pregnancy really took its toll on my body and I have been told I have a long recovery ahead of me. I am so relieved that I did not have a c-section, yet the vaginal birth of twins has left me with pains I can only describe as having been violently punched in my who-ha-ha 20 times. I also had no idea that post-labor contractions were going to be so nauseating and last this long. That, on top of the fact that my pelvis has literally been ripped apart, has left me walking like Frankenstein. On the up side, it is getting better and better every day, and we are gradually increasing the distance of our daily walks around the neighborhood. There have been a few occasions that folks have commented how surprised they are that I am up and about so soon after the birth of my twins, which I have to admit makes me feel pretty darn proud of myself.

Emotionally, I’m doing great. A little groggy and bit cranky at times (sorry Walker), but for the most part pretty calm and surprisingly confident. One hundred percent of this confidence is due to the flexibility and grace of my parenting partner. Walker has been incredible and has seamlessly transitioned into fatherhood remarkably calm. I can honestly say I have never been so truly convinced that I have married the right man.

2) Are you getting any sleep?
Surprisingly yes. Again, trying not to get ahead of ourselves since the sleep schedule is something that will constantly change with levels of fussiness, hunger and growing pains, but we just may be on to something successful already. It took a couple of sleepless nights to get it right, but the last few days Walker has slept at least 6 hours each night and I’ve gotten at least 5. We are stock piling their meals later in the evenings, and they have gone as long as 5 consecutive hours peacefully dreaming of their future successes.

More updates as soon as I find another window of opportunity to collect my thoughts. Thanks to everyone for all their encouragement and congratulations. We certainly have so much to celebrate!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Chili Bean: Friend or Foe?

Walker: Ok, we admit it: we were afraid of how Chili Bean, our lovable, huggable, monster of a pug would react to the Deuce. When we were at the hospital on Sunday, our good friend JD came over and picked up the Bean for a few days, so Chili wasn't here for the Deuce's homecoming. Last night we decided to reintroduce the Bean to the environment - he was under close surveillance.

After 18 hours, I'm happy to report that Chili Bean is like a friggin' different dog around the boys! He's still an absolute NUT around people, but he's picked up on how special the Twins are to us, and he's happily taking a back seat to them attention-wise.

Speaking of back seats...Chili Bean does not like taking a back seat in the truck:

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Here's to nine months...x2

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Walker: Shhhhhh! Everyone is sleeping, and that is a good thing.We brought Finn & Ollie home from the hospital yesterday at 3 pm. Grandparents flew in and came over last night after we had a short rest, and our good friends Laura and Obie brought us cheeseburgers and milkshakes for dinner.

Oh, and just so you know, we painted Finn's toenails so we can tell them apart. Both Dana and I have had a few mix ups.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Momma's Perspective

My favorite picture so far...

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Oliver & Finlay

Happy Birthday Finn & Oliver
January 21, 2007

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What a day!

The Deuce has arrived! Oliver Swenson was born Jan. 21 at 5:11 pm (6 lbs 14 oz, 20 inches), and his twin brother Finlay Walter (6 lbs, 11 oz, 19 inches) was born two minutes later - both equally beautiful. Mom is exhausted, but otherwise she’s doing very well. We couldn’t be happier parents.

7:45 am - Dana's waters broke
9:00 am - Arrived at hospital; checked into Room 559
9:30 am - Epidural
9:45 am - Rushed to the OR for an emergency C-Section because Oliver's heartrate dropped to 90 bpm
10:00 am - Narrowly averted a C-Section because Oliver's heartbeat raced back to 12o bpm
1:00 pm - Moved back into Room 559 from the OR
3:50 pm - 10 cm go time; Dana began pushing in Room 559
4:30 pm - Moved back to the OR for delivery
5:11 pm - Oliver dove head first into this world
5:13 pm - Finn jumped feet first into this world

...there is plenty more to the story, of course, but that's what I have the energy to share right now. Lots of firsts, lots of love. We're beyond in love.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Go time!

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Friday, January 19, 2007

No news yet...

Walker: Well, we can say this much: it's going to happen soon. Last night the Deuce was especiallly active, and Dana had contractions for five hours straight, but still no labor. Dana had a check up today, and we went to appointment with our bags packed for the labor & delivery unit, but Dana's OB said that we need to wait a little bit longer. He showered Dana with compliments for making it this far. He even said she should be the covergirl for Twin Pregnancy magazine, if there were such a publication.

I mentioned before, the Deuce is active. You can see for yourself in this little video I shot with my cell phone.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Before we were parents-to-be...

We were stars in our friend Ronnie Beck's small movie called Silver Suitcase!

While it was filmed 3 years ago, he's only recently posted it to YouTube. It's just too funny not to share.

Check it out...


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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

National Geographic's In The Womb: Multiples is on TONIGHT

What we're watching tonight: National Geographic's In The Womb: Multiples

Click here to watch the preview!


"The process by which multiples develop in the womb is fraught with complications and dangers. But, it is also a fascinating world where humans first interact with their siblings before entering the world outside the uterus. "In the Womb: Multiples" follows the development of double-egg twins, sometimes called fraternals, and identical or single-egg twins. We also follow the development of triplets and a very rare set of identical quads in their quest for survival. Using revolutionary 4D scans, we witness unique footage of multiple fetuses interacting with each other before birth: reaching, touching, fighting and even engaging in game-playing that can continue after they are born. Ultimately, "In the Womb: Multiples" tells us not only about the extremes of human reproduction but the limits of human design."

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Friday, January 12, 2007


Walker: I'm having a difficult time coming up with words to describe what I'm feeling. I do not have writer's block. My friends & family will tell you that I always have something to say. However, words aren't working. After the ultrasound on Tuesday where the Deuce weighed a combined and whopping 13 1/2 lbs, I've been walking around in a confused state of I-don't-know-what.

Excited? That word doesn't quite work. I get excited about watching an Indiana Hoosiers basketball game. This is different. Much different.

Butterflies? I've had "butterflies" before, and the feeling subsides after awhile. Not this time. I've had butterflies for three straight days, and they are bigger too. All the butterflies I've had previously were those cute little ones you see on greeting cards. These butterflies? These are prehistoric. Neolithic. Pre-Cambrian. They're 747s. And there are thousands of them.

So I guess you could say I have butterflies...

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Couldn't be happier

Dana: We had our 35-week ultrasound this morning. You are not going to believe how big they are!! 6 1/2 and 6 3/4 pounds! All the measurements looked great and their heartbeats are strong. Afterwards I caught Walker reviewing the report with the pride of a father reading his son's first report card.

With 13 lbs of baby inside me, needless to say, I'm getting a bit anxious to deliver. It's strange...the last month has been dedicated to keeping my labor at bay, trying to think about anything BUT delivering. But today something has changed. I'm feeling very positive about my pregnancy again. I've regained faith in my body to carry these two to as far as they need in order to arrive healthy.

The bed rest is still enforced for the next week, but the doctor said I could start to 'slightly increase my activity'. Considering the fact that moving is not entirely easy or painless, it probably won't be hard to keep me sedentary at this point. Next Wed. is when we'll really start the gentle encouragement, welcoming the boys to come join us in this crazy world.

My list of things to keep me occupied until then has diminished to only a few tedious tasks (even with all the time in the world, who really wants to review and compare their family's dental plan?) and my mind is now consumed with the excitement of motherhood. While there was a time when I couldn't bare to hear this advice from one more person, I finally feel that I can take those folks up on the suggestion to "enjoy the quite moments of bed rest while you still can."

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Monday, January 08, 2007

The latest photos

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Finally, some important issues

Walker: Is the crib assembled? Check. Is Twin Town ready? check. Is Dana home from the hospital? Check. Bags packed? check. Check, check, check, double-check-plus.

Finally, I have a moment to think about some of the more important things. For instance, should I introduce the Deuce to the Star Wars saga in chronological order or should I show it to them in the order the movies were released? (I'm leaning towards order released and subbing in The Phantom Edit).

Yesterday was a dream NFL football day for me. My hometown Colts stuffed the Chiefs, and my adopted hometown Seahawks lucked their way to a victory over the Cowboys. As I watched the games, my thoughts drifted to the Deuce: what team will they root for? Will they also be Colts/Seahawks fans? I suppose a father's favorite team matters, but I'm going to teach the Deuce to always and no matter what, root for their childhood hometown team. In my case, it's the Colts (the team magically appeared in Indy one morning when I was nine - it was awesome!). In the Deuce's case, it's the Seahawks.

That's the rule: you root for your hometown team when it comes to pro sports. The Deuce will be lifelong Seahawks, Mariners, and Sonics fans, rest assured.

College sports is different. Sure, there's a "home team" here in Seattle - the University of Washington - but the pro sports rule does not apply to college sports. It comes down to this: will I allow a bunch of UW Huskies paraphenalia in the house? No. No way. Not unless I'm paying their tuition.

My earliest memories are of watching Indiana University basketball with my parents and their friends, and the Deuce's earliest memories will likely be the same, minus, a little sadly, Bobby Knight.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

"We're pregnant"?

Walker: I admit that I am a bit of a word curmudgeon. I embrace the wonderful fact that words and language change over time. And I embrace the fact that the ways in which words change reflect the tenor and tone of the people who used them.

But every now and then a change is afoot that rubs me the wrong way. You hear it everywhere these days, "we're pregnant!" or "guess who's pregnant? Bob & Cindy!" or "the Lockhorns are pregnant!"

One day about seven months ago I caught myself saying, "we're pregnant," when trying to describe a particular life-changing event to a friend. I walked away from the conversation scratching my head. Did I just tell my buddy that "I'm pregnant??!?"

Now please don't get me wrong - I’m all for the inclusion of fathers in parenting and parenting language, but not at the expense of accurate words like 'pregnant.' (Please note that I’m pissed that there is no “father” tab at

Obviously, I've had some time to ponder this language pickle, and without much ado, here is my guide:

"To be pregnant," "to birth," or "to go into labor":
The mother-to-be, always a woman, is pregnant, births, or goes into labor. Assuming there is a relationship, the non-pregnant person - in our case me, husband/father-to-be - helps the mother-to-be with all of these conditions.

"To deliver":
Sometimes a mother does this solo, but usually a mother and a doctor/midwife deliver the baby with the help of others.

"To be born"
This is what the baby, or in our case babies, get to do.

"We're having a baby/child/little monster/twins!"
This is perfect.

"We're due on..."
Related to "we're having a baby," a couple may say “we’re due on such and such date." This may seem illogical given the aforementioned rules, but don't worry, it's OK. Once the mother goes into labor, and mother and the doctor deliver the baby, and the baby is born, the baby is the couple’s responsibility. Thus, the couple is “due to be parents” at the same exact moment in time, so saying "we're due" is perfectly fine.

"I impregnated her"
Fathers, while accurate, don't say this under any circumstance. Stick with "we're having a baby."

You may also want to avoid saying, "we're breastfeeding."

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Change of scenery

Dana: Happy New Year! I certainly am enjoying my first day of the new year...AT HOME! Yesterday morning the doc agreed to send me home, realizing that I was just a few days shy of 34 weeks and recognizing my desperation to be home with Walker for the New Year. By 1:30pm Walker and our friend, Jason, were packing up the room. I was amazed by how much stuff I had accumulated in 18 days, though Walker said he was not surprised since he was the one lugging it here every evening!

Quickly we pulled together a few friends for a New Years dinner party (with Walker doing all the work of course!) and by 7:00pm I was soaking up all the laughter and love that surrounded me. Not to worry, everyone made sure I was being very good about laying down and a few laughs were shared the few times I tried to "walk" to the bathroom. It certainly has become a ridiculous sight.

So the plan now is to contain myself to strict bed rest at home, similar to the limitations I had in the hospital. I will be going to the doc’s office twice a week to observe any changes. At this point they say that they would not do anything to stop it if I went into labor, which sends Walker and I both closer to the point of a mild state of panic (are we really ready for this!?). Of course we are still shooting for the 36-week mark, to be certain they will be avoiding time in the NICU.

A few folks have asked me how I made it through my days in the hospital without going insane. The answer, without question, is the help of my friends, family and Walker. I didn't even have time to think about boredom, let alone a moment to aimlessly ponder my situation. People have been incredible about calling, emailing, stopping by and filling those 18 days with one of my favorite past times...connecting with those I love. I am blessed to have such a wonderful support. It only confirms for me the amount of support we can look forward to while raising our children. Thank you.

2007 will truly be an amazing year.

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