Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to make a twin cry


New dinosaur pajamas... that glow in the dark.

D: In my defense, I didn't know that the dinosaurs glowed in the dark when I bought the new pj's. And when my little boy started to cry after about 10 minutes of silence, I thought he was just settling in to sleep with a few protests (as he is known to do). But when I went in after about 5 minutes of crying I noticed the glowing twin waving his dinosaur patterned arms around in horror. I immediately grabbed him from his crib (magically bringing the glowing pattern into the air) sending my other twin boy who was fearfully watching from under his blanket into a screaming fit of terror.

Who's mastermind idea was it to make glow in the dark PJ’s for 19 month olds?!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer Heat

W - It was hot this weekend in Seattle, but that did not stop us from having a great weekend with the boys.





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And for my next trick...


more camera pics july 08


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Thursday, August 14, 2008

18 months later

D: This post is a long time coming. For the last year and a half I have been mulling this post over in my head, trying to figure out how to explain my feelings on a topic that is either not talked about enough or usually talked about in a manner than sounds depressingly self deprecating. But I feel that it's a mysterious phenomenon that occurs so frequently that it's my blogging duty to new mothers of twins to share my experence. I’m talking about post-baby-body. Specifically, post-twin-babies-body. Mine, to be exact.

When I was pregnant with the Deuce I was very immodest about blogging about all my body’s aches and pains and the growing size of my belly. To be honest, I had probably never in my life invested so much time thinking and talking about my body. It was like my body had been abducted by aliens and I was watching it go through a bizarre transformation. Others seemed just as astonished by these changes. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I would walk into a restaurant and people would point and gasp. I’m not kidding.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, the last time I measured myself I was 62 inches around my mid-section and had gained 65 pounds. I was huge!

There is no question that the boys were growing fast and healthy and I was happily giving them what they needed for nutrition. For anyone who’s pregnant with twins, I always highly recommend Barbara Luke’s book, "When your Expecting Twins, Triplets and Quads". Once on the Barbara Luke diet, there was never a time when we were concerned about the twin’s size and I happily got to enjoy ice cream and red meat almost every day.

In January 2007 the boys were born very healthy at almost 7lbs each. Minutes after they were born I immediately started my epic breastfeeding adventure, feeding two little babies with insatiable appetites at least 6 times a day. For 5 months they relied solely on my milk for nutrition (thank you very much!), and within a month of having the kids I dropped below my pre-pregnancy weight. It was the easiest weight loss I’d ever heard of and because I was trying my darndest to keep my milk supply up for both kids, I was also still enjoying plenty of milkshakes and cheese! I breastfed the boys for a year and was pretty happy with how little I had to work at keeping my weight down during that time.

But here’s the part that I wished someone had told me about… baby weight can come on long after you’ve had your baby(ies), usually around the time you stop breastfeeding. And even when you get it back down, for some reason you’re just not left with the same body…at all. Baby weight is not really weight at all, but more like baby shape.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not still drinking milkshakes and eating cheese, complaining about my weight. I’m not even complaining about my weight. I’m just stating the fact that having a baby(ies) changes you in ways you did not expect. Case in point: TWIN SKIN. If you don’t know what it is I encourage you to look it up. Go ahead, see for yourself. It’s terrible, isn’t it? Unfortunately, because I had gotten so big so fast, then so small so fast, my skin just couldn’t catch up and eventually it just stopped trying. And while I’m not entirely sure that some day I may want to fix this mess of a stomach that I’m left with, the scars are a daily reminder that my body is capable of unimaginable feats. And I guess that's something to be proud of.

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