Saturday, December 11, 2010

Obrigado. Domo arigato. Thank you.

One year ago today we welcomed a feisty young girl from Brazil into our home, who had exactly what it took to fit in seamlessly with our family. She has been a trusting caregiver for the Deuce, always dependable and consistent. She's brought joy to the boys with laughter and song, hilarious games and a seemingly endless amount of creativity. Her energy perfectly matched that of the twins, yet she remained their source of calm when things needed to slow down. She was always available for a beijo (kiss) on a fresh wound, or a abra├žo (hug) before bed. She brought her own unique blended culture to our home, insisting the boys say por favor, onegai shimasu and please (Portuguese, Japanese and English) before receiving anything.

She has offered so much more to our family then just childcare. Today her room is empty and I'm guessing that we are going to see small changes in the boys, as they struggle to deal with the loss of their dear friend.

Before leaving she played this sweet movie for us, which beautifully captures their adventures this past year.

Thank you for everything Lily. You will always be a part of our family.

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