Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's Pumpkin Time!

A few weekends ago we visited Craven Farms, less than an hour north of Seattle. It was a perfect afternoon adventure to the farm. The boys enjoyed picking out their own pumkins and exploring the fields. The farm had several activities for children to enjoy: baby farm animals, a goard-sling (much more satisfying than I'd imagined!), and a 'beached' boat and a farm tractor to climb on.










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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I like to make movies

D: So here is another music-video-type movie I've made of the boys. This one highlights their crazy toddler antics that make us laugh. There's also a couple of rare twin brother bonding moments that are so precious I'm glad I've caught them on film (so I can watch this when they are pulverizing the living daylights out of each other!)

The music is by the Be Good Tanyas.


Also, check out my youtube site for all the music-video-type movies I've made of the boys over the last year and a half:

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

This video is hilarious!

The laughs were worth the puddles on the floor.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

A dance lesson update

D: Our Au Pair took the boys back to dance class yesterday for their last chance to prove themselves. I wasn't too nervous about it; I've learned to take a 'what ever happens, happens' attitude lately.

This past week has been a great lesson in parenting. I am learning that so much about raising children is not about how your children grow and learn, but how I as a parent identify my strengths and weaknesses in regards to how I will positively or negatively affect my children. Let me be clear, this awareness is not meant to impose added stress about how we influence our children. God knows, I'm trying to make peace with the Control Freak in me every day. On the contrary, it has helped to be more mindful of situations where I have little influence... and then back off.

For example: the dance class. Part of the reason I wanted to find more activities for the kids is because I want to enrich their childhood experiences and help them learn new things. But when it comes down to it... is it what I want, or what's actually best for my kids at this very moment? And then, if I'm certain that something is best for them, how willing am I to be flexible if it turns out it's just not the right fit? I want them in dance class, but really as active and curious as they are right now (and at SUCH a young age) they might be better off mastering the playground and socializing in less structured environments such as toddler play rooms around town.

I know this will be a good lesson to remember as the boys are older, and we enroll them in sports or music or what ever they decide 2 weeks into it they are not interested in anymore. I know too many parents that force their children to have similar experiences they had as children, only to find their children have much different interests. As a ski instructor of small children I saw this all the time. Which reminds me, I suppose I will need to remember this lesson myself this season, as we try to get these boys out on skis at the age of 2... same age I started!

Anyway, back to dance class. The boys did great, both our Au Pair and the teacher said they felt confident they can stick through the class for the remainder of the session. They boys are slowly getting the hang of the structure of the class and above all, really seem to be enjoying themselves. But like I said, I'm not holding my breath... if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.

How very Zen of me. :)

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Day at the Playground

W. I (finally) found the charger to my camera, so here are a few hi-res photos from a Saturday morning dad & the dudes trip to the playground. Enjoy!









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Friday, October 03, 2008

no dancing

D: This summer our Au Pair and the Deuce have spent their days together running, climbing, splashing, jumping, and digging in our yard. But as the weather quickly turns cold, wet and dark (ah, lovely Seattle) I have tried to arrange several age appropriate, out-of-the-house activities for the boys. I've often mentioned how busy and adventurous these little boys are, so life cooped up in the house this winter just won't cut it.

Thankfully Seattle is full of classes and activities to enroll your children in as toddlers. I've found toddler/parent music classes, toddler/parent dance classes, toddler/parent gardening classes, even toddler/parent circus training classes. But as you can imagine, the one to one ratio tends to be a bit tricky when it's just our Au Pair and the Deuce.

Thankfully after calling around to several places I found a great dance class that assured me that the classroom environment is extremely energetic and interactive and that the teacher would be there to help out. So, they all have been going for the last 3 weeks, and loving it! They come home hopping and galloping around the house (all things I've never taught them), and our Au Pair says she is also learning a lot about ways to engage the children.

Unfortunately, I received a call yesterday from the teacher telling me that she doesn't think it's going to work out. She feels that while our Au Pair is doing a phenomenal job of working with the kids and keeping them 'controlled' (what ever that means) she feels that she is simply pulled in too many directions and is not able to properly teach the class. She said we can try one more week, and if it's still too chaotic, the boys will be out.

Of course, I got pretty bummed about this yesterday and those around me got to hear my fierce protective Mama Bear reaction... "that's not fair!" "that's twin discrimination" "what on earth are twin toddlers supposed to do for fun around here?!"

But since then I've had time to think. I realize that yes, the teacher was probably having a bad day and might have reacted harshly (other parents in the class have told me they are shocked, because the boys seem to be so engaged and having so much fun). But as a twin mom I simply need to get more creative with planning our activities. Enough with the one/one ratio classes! We're going to find alternatives! Where? Not quite sure yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Until then, they boys will be wearing their raincoats and rain boots more often, while dancing in the puddles in the yard.

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