Friday, October 10, 2008

A dance lesson update

D: Our Au Pair took the boys back to dance class yesterday for their last chance to prove themselves. I wasn't too nervous about it; I've learned to take a 'what ever happens, happens' attitude lately.

This past week has been a great lesson in parenting. I am learning that so much about raising children is not about how your children grow and learn, but how I as a parent identify my strengths and weaknesses in regards to how I will positively or negatively affect my children. Let me be clear, this awareness is not meant to impose added stress about how we influence our children. God knows, I'm trying to make peace with the Control Freak in me every day. On the contrary, it has helped to be more mindful of situations where I have little influence... and then back off.

For example: the dance class. Part of the reason I wanted to find more activities for the kids is because I want to enrich their childhood experiences and help them learn new things. But when it comes down to it... is it what I want, or what's actually best for my kids at this very moment? And then, if I'm certain that something is best for them, how willing am I to be flexible if it turns out it's just not the right fit? I want them in dance class, but really as active and curious as they are right now (and at SUCH a young age) they might be better off mastering the playground and socializing in less structured environments such as toddler play rooms around town.

I know this will be a good lesson to remember as the boys are older, and we enroll them in sports or music or what ever they decide 2 weeks into it they are not interested in anymore. I know too many parents that force their children to have similar experiences they had as children, only to find their children have much different interests. As a ski instructor of small children I saw this all the time. Which reminds me, I suppose I will need to remember this lesson myself this season, as we try to get these boys out on skis at the age of 2... same age I started!

Anyway, back to dance class. The boys did great, both our Au Pair and the teacher said they felt confident they can stick through the class for the remainder of the session. They boys are slowly getting the hang of the structure of the class and above all, really seem to be enjoying themselves. But like I said, I'm not holding my breath... if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.

How very Zen of me. :)

Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 12:37 PM

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ah, the parenting realizations. it is a little funny, after reading a few other blog posts about twins doing classes and gym and stuff, i questioned whether i was giving them enough. then i backtracked a bit and asked myself if it because i think they should, because others are, because i want to get more interaction. and then i looked at our current situation and realized, hey, we are okay. not to say i would not love to find a few more things to 'do' with them, but we seem to fill the days quite well.

and i have quite a bit of apprehension at times due to the 'invigorating energy' my two display in public. so far, they are doing better in their one hour at the gym kiddie care. i think i will not push it further.

glad to hear they are well, and that you are too.

Posted by Blogger mames @ Friday, October 10, 2008 9:35:00 PM #

wow, i can't beleive your twins are doing dance! my girls are almost 4 and i haven't gotten them into anything like that. we are still mastering the playground! :) anyway, i hope you have a great week, I'm glad things went well at dance!

Posted by Blogger Doug & Stacy Fournier @ Tuesday, October 14, 2008 7:25:00 PM #

You are right on the money, Dana! I have a hard time with Brook and his "They WILL be skiers...and snowboarders...and soccer players", attitude. They will be what they want to be and do what they want to do...our job is to expose them to different things, even though Brook might not want them to do tumbling or I might not want them to do base's the experience that counts and they can pick and choose.

F & O are very lucky to have you to teach them how to ski this year! Brook learned to classic ski (x-country) at 14 months and Brook is bound and determined to teach them this year. My dad was a ski instructor and, on my first day of lessons from him, I broke my tibia, fibula and femur...on the rope tow no less! Of course, the next season I was back at it since we were at Mt. Hood every weekend during the winter. But, I do hope to not re-live that experience with either kid.

We are at the top of the waiting list for the Saturday morning tumbling class...finally!

Glad to hear that the teacher thought to give the boys one more try!

Posted by Blogger The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid @ Wednesday, October 15, 2008 1:15:00 PM #
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