Monday, January 01, 2007

Change of scenery

Dana: Happy New Year! I certainly am enjoying my first day of the new year...AT HOME! Yesterday morning the doc agreed to send me home, realizing that I was just a few days shy of 34 weeks and recognizing my desperation to be home with Walker for the New Year. By 1:30pm Walker and our friend, Jason, were packing up the room. I was amazed by how much stuff I had accumulated in 18 days, though Walker said he was not surprised since he was the one lugging it here every evening!

Quickly we pulled together a few friends for a New Years dinner party (with Walker doing all the work of course!) and by 7:00pm I was soaking up all the laughter and love that surrounded me. Not to worry, everyone made sure I was being very good about laying down and a few laughs were shared the few times I tried to "walk" to the bathroom. It certainly has become a ridiculous sight.

So the plan now is to contain myself to strict bed rest at home, similar to the limitations I had in the hospital. I will be going to the doc’s office twice a week to observe any changes. At this point they say that they would not do anything to stop it if I went into labor, which sends Walker and I both closer to the point of a mild state of panic (are we really ready for this!?). Of course we are still shooting for the 36-week mark, to be certain they will be avoiding time in the NICU.

A few folks have asked me how I made it through my days in the hospital without going insane. The answer, without question, is the help of my friends, family and Walker. I didn't even have time to think about boredom, let alone a moment to aimlessly ponder my situation. People have been incredible about calling, emailing, stopping by and filling those 18 days with one of my favorite past times...connecting with those I love. I am blessed to have such a wonderful support. It only confirms for me the amount of support we can look forward to while raising our children. Thank you.

2007 will truly be an amazing year.

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happy new year! i am so glad to know you are now in the comfort of your home with walker and the doggies. it must feel like heaven. you are getting so close and i wouldn't be surprised if you easily make it to 36 weeks. you've got folks here in austin thinking about you and sending you super positive energy!

Posted by Blogger J + T Silverman @ Thursday, January 04, 2007 7:09:00 AM #
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