Thursday, August 17, 2006


DANA: While I am 100% determined to enjoy my pregnancy, especially these next few months, my body is having other ideas. A few days ago I started having pain in the back of my left leg, and then it became increasingly harder to sit for long periods of time without my butt becoming sore and numb. I was pretty sure this was just a result of a heavier frame weighing down on my tush, but the shooting pain going down the back of my leg and the unbearable lower back pain that came next told me it was probably time to get this checked out.

What I've learned, is that I most likely have Periformis Syndrome, causing pain along the sciatic nerve, that is often called Sciatica. Apparently this is common in pregnancy, as hormones cause the pelvis muscles to loosen and tilt, putting pressure on the nerves and causing inflammation. Most people, on the other hand just don't have as early in the pregnancy as I do!

So, while Walker has been slaving away on the basement, I've been going to the chiropractor and doctor, getting massage and acupuncture, and taking prenatal yoga... anything I can think of to make the pain go away. If anyone had any ideas, I'd love to hear em.

The good news?... the baby's are still doing great and Walker and I learned that we probably will be able to find out their gender at the next ultrasound. We are now taking bets!

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