Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm Back!

Dana: That's right, we are officially well into the sweet sweet 2nd trimester and I feel like myself again., plus a few extra pounds, an increasingly large belly, and some pretty pesky aches and pains. But that's pregnancy, right! All that matters now is that I am ready to enjoy the "honeymoon period" of pregnancy and start living again. I can not fully explain how it feels to be as tired as I was during my 1st trimester. It was like a semi-truck blind-sided me with a daily dose of bricks and just left me completely useless. Every morning I'd start it all over again, hoping to get through another day with at least half of what I needed to get accomplished.

Through it all the little troops have been kickin it just fine...and I do mean kicking! I can't feel them yet, but every time we have an ultrasound, they can't seem to sit still! They are their father's children. :)

We have started another Lockhart Project on the house last weekend and are well on our way towards remodeling the basement and bathroom so that we can move down closer to the nursery. It is fun thinking about how the chaos of our house is going to change into, well, a different kind of chaos! I can't wait.

Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 8:43 AM

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Dana, you look great! I am so glad you are feeling better now. Nothing is worse than always being tired! Small gift is on its way. Peggy

Posted by Blogger Peggy @ Monday, August 14, 2006 3:17:00 PM #
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