Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another Roadside Attraction

D: Every week the Deuce and I look forward to ending (or starting?) our week with my one of my closest girlfriends, Jessa, for our Sunday morning ritual. From the very first day of my children's lives Jessa has been right by my side supporting our family and sharing in all the wonderful (and sometimes not-so-wonderful) memories. The Deuce love her like they would love a close Aunt, and without one single family member living within 200 miles of us, that is something pretty special. We are all big Jessa fans in Twin Town.

This past Sunday we visited my new favorite eatery in Seattle, Calamity Jane's in Georgetown. The breakfast was SO YUMMY, and the decor is super cute. It seems relatively newish so I forgive them for only having one highchair (F did pretty good for his first time in a booster seat!).

Afterwards we visited my all time favorite oddity in Seattle, the Hat 'N Boots. The Hat 'N Boots were once part of a cowboy-themed gas station built in the 1950s but was abandoned soon after. Although they sat abandoned for decades, dedicated neighbors continued to successfully protect them from demolition. A few years ago they were finally moved to a city park where they were cleaned up and are now protected for all those who love quirky roadside attractions to come visit.

F thought they were pretty cool!

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Okay seeing as we will be in Seattle this week, I'll be checking some of this out to verify for you! I do love quirky roadside stuff after all. Could you please let me know of anything that are musts for my kiddos?! Our official move date is the 5th of June. And quick question, what is Kent like?

Posted by Blogger bestfamily @ Monday, May 12, 2008 11:15:00 AM #
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