Tuesday, December 22, 2009


W: TOTAL SANTA SUCCESS! First, we want to give a shout out and a special thanks to our friends over at the Miles Files/Leo Log, who told us about the super awesome, low-key Santa experience at Swanson's Nursury, complete with two live Reindeer and a Christmas train! It was a huge hit.

The "Santa Hug," as you can see in the second picture below, was a month in the making. Slowly, methodically, we've been weaving the Santa myth into the boys' everyday life with stories and Christmas specials and movies.

We even made a couple of trips downtown to see the fancy big city Santa at Nordstrom's "North Pole," but both times we bailed early due to the long lines and other assorted mayhem. We also had to deal with the twins' confusion - why exactly were there so many Santas downtown ringing bells?!

Fortunately for everyone involved in the exchange, the Santa at Swanson's wasn't the sit-down-on-his-lap type. In the week leading up to the visit, each time I asked the twins "so do you want to go see Santa?" they replied with an exuberant "YEAH!" And when I asked the twins "and do you want to sit on his lap?", I was met with an equally exuberant "NOOOO!"

If Santa comes through (and I have a pretty good idea that he will) the boys - on account of their being so good this year - will get those guitars and drums that they told Santa that they wanted under the tree. Sounds like 2010 is going to be a that much...noisier.



Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 8:17 AM