Monday, November 02, 2009

Robots on Parade

D: This year Halloween has definitely been on the twins radar, for the first time. They've been singing songs about jack-o-lanterns and reading stories about trick or treating at preschool. We've been talking about their homemade robot costumes for almost a month, trying them on at various stages of completion. And when the big night was finally here, their costumes had been so tattered and worn, that I actually believe they thought they were turning into little robots for good.

We spent the night in the suburbs, stopping first at my mom's house and then joining our friends and their children for some trick or treating. The neighborhood we went to is known for some theatrical displays, which is pretty cool for the adults but also terrifying to two little robots. The boys did great, however, marching right up to each house (the ones that did not have severed heads hanging from the trees) and promptly saying 'please' and 'thank you' as they eagerly reached for their candy.

They seemed thrilled that something so off limits was being handed out so abundantly. When we got back to the house they quickly spread out their goods on the floor, proudly showing each other their stash. Once the boys were in bed, I dutifully cut their stash by 3/4 (there's no WAY I'm allowing my toddlers to eat that much candy!), and we've been allowing them to have one piece a day from their goodie bags. Honestly, I can't wait until all the candy is out of the house for good (at least until next Halloween). It truly turns them into little monsters!

Here are some picks from their week of costume wearing, leading up to the main event.






halloween eve

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excellent costumes, so neat to see a great homemade effort...and i am impressive that the bags made it to the big night.

just though i would share a few pictures of our boys in their costumes...
go homemade! :)

Posted by Blogger mames @ Monday, November 02, 2009 5:49:00 PM #
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