Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giving Thanks

D: This Thanksgiving was yet another reminder of how thankful we are that my mom and step dad are living in the NW. Thanksgiving day was spent relaxing at their house, eating and sleeping throughout the entire day and enjoying each others company.

The next day W and I hit the slopes, while our Au Pair spend the day with the boys. That night W and I enjoyed a quite night on the mountain, sleeping under the stars in our Shasta camper trailer while my mom picked the kids up for a fun-filled overnight adventure at their Nana and Papa's. The next morning my mom and step-dad drove the kids up to the mountain (while we got to sleep in for the first time in...oh, I can't remember!) where they met us for round 2 of Toddler Ski Extravaganza.

The boys couldn't wait to get back on their skis! We started out on the semi-flat surface where they glided around with confidence. Shortly there after, they were asking to go up on the chair lift, and because we had purchased some nifty harness straps making it safe to cruise behind the kids, we gladly obliged. We had no accidents getting on or off the chair (thanks to the sewn-on handle attached to the back of their harness straps, we would just lift them off and on the chair), and for the most part they loved cruising down the hill, even at a pretty fast clip.

The day ended when we realized that we had pushed their nap time too far and their tantrums had reached their peak. By 4:00pm we were driving down the mountain and they were both crashed out the entire 2 hour trip back to Seattle.

It was a great holiday weekend, full of family, fun and adventures. Thanks to my husband, for having so much fun with me on the slopes. Thanks Mom and Al for being so helpful and accommodating. Thanks kids for making all our memories so wonderful.












Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 3:40 PM