Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gelato Heaven

W: Last night D had a gals' night out, so the Deuce and I decided to have a guys' night in. The weather was perfect for some outdoor dining, and Finn made the call for -- you guessed it -- pizza. I paid.

Finn's tastes are highly refined, and while he will eat just about any type of pizza, he prefers the good stuff. And since we were ordering the good stuff, Ollie politely suggested that a bit of gelato was in order on account of the good weather and alfresco dining. Plus, he said he loves a good gelato after a hefty pizza binge.

I'm pretty damned sure that they were working as a team on this.

On to the you will be able to see from my little photo essay below, the Deuce are highly conscientious of the rare, but wonderful gelato; they take every precaution and all means to use every part of the gelato. And what they can't use, well, they let the dog share in the spoils.

Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 9:42 AM