Saturday, March 07, 2009

O-Bear's First Tree Climb

Yesterday, at our favorite neighborhood park, I was doing the usual twin-toddler-wrangler rodeo (one goes one direction, one goes the other... which is going to be the most dangerous situation and needs my attention first?) when I turned around to see Ollie climbing a small tree just outside the playground area. It was a very small tree, with the first branch just low enough that he could get a good enough grip on it. I surveyed his landing... soft grass... and decided to let him keep climbing with minimal intervention. I don't even think he noticed I was watching. When he perched himself up into the first 'sitting' area in the tree he looked around to find me, and starting beaming ear to ear with pride in his achievement.

I caught his proud moment with my camera phone:


Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 4:08 PM

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Hi Dana!

Nice to hear from you! How are you, the boys and Walker doing? We are definitely entering the 2 year old zone...complete with discipline issues and an exhausted mama who is finding it very hard to keep up with my blogging!

To answer your question, I think the updating issue is on your end. When I put you on my blogroll, yours was the only one that said the site-feed wasn't available. I am the LAST person to ask computer questions!, but I think I may have an answer for you...try going to your settings on site feed...and select either full or short. If it is set to "none," that may be the problem!

Give that a try, and if it doesn't work, I will try to find you a better answer!

Take care!

Posted by Blogger Krissy @ Sunday, March 08, 2009 8:15:00 PM #
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