Friday, March 06, 2009

Family Fun Weekend

This past weekend my dad and stepmother came out from Minnesota to visit the Deuce (and their parents, I suppose!) in the great North West. We had a great time showing them all the fun activities that we love to do with the boys on a regular basis. The boys showed their grandpa their favorite animals at the Woodland Park zoo, and their love of farm tractors. They showed him how they throw rocks into the Puget Sound and showed off their favorite fishing boats down at the Fisherman's Terminal. They played with them in two of their favorite neighborhood parks and flaunted their impressive jungle gym climbing skills. On Sunday, my mom watched the boys while Walker and I took our visitors up to Crystal Mountain for a day of skiing. I couldn't believe that my old man can still beat me down the mountain in a race!

We had an awesome time having them in town and can't wait until our next family adventure weekend! Dad and Sue, we love you guys!



Dad with boys at Zoo

Dad on beach with boys

Dad, Sue and Walker

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I'm sorry I made fun of Walkers outfit. It's bright and cheerful and definately makes it easy to spot him in a crowd!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ Saturday, March 07, 2009 12:54:00 PM #
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