Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ring in the New Year!

2009 has already offered up some great adventures with the Deuce.

We traveled to Montana to stay with good friends and go skiing at Big Sky (that's right, Dad, I'm back on two boards!). The boys were great travelers even though the icy mountain passes, and torrential downpours added MANY more hours of white knuckle driving onto our trip. I can proudly report that over the course of 30 hours of driving (combined, the entire weekend) we only had Thomas the Train playing on the lap top for less than 2 hours.

On the way back we stayed at a hot springs resort, which had a huge indoor and outdoor pool, heated to 100 degrees. The boys had more fun playing in the water than we've ever seen before. It also had a 50-foot water slide that was a blast!

Last week their Grandma from Indiana came out to stay with us and help take care of the boys while our Au Pair is traveling (we miss you Anna, come home!). They had the best time with her; mostly reading, doing crafts and learning new games. It was so great to have them get to know their Grandma and to see how quickly the love grows.

Even though their birthday is not until next week, we threw a party for the boys last Friday, so their Grandma could attend. The theme was "Dance Party", which was really a cover up for "crazy time, with mass chaos all around us". The boys had a blast hanging with all our friends and eating lots of junk food. They got some great presents (thanks everyone!) and yes, even had a little dance party with the other kids.

This weekend the sun decided to return to Seattle and we had a perfect morning... the kind that reminds me why we live here, and how easy it is to enjoy even the most simple adventures close to home. This morning we went down to the train yard and walked along the tracks waving at all the "choo-choo's". The next stop was the fishing docks to "ohh" and "ahh" at all the boats... all within 2-3 miles from our neighborhood. Awesome.

Here are some pictures from our adventures.












Fisherman's Terminal1.JPG

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Finlay & Oliver!

Carrie, Brook, Reid and Finn

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