Sunday, March 09, 2008

Coffee Culture

D: As you know, we reside in the land coffee. For those of you who have never actually been to Seattle, I can assure you that the stereotype of Seattleites who always have a cardboard cup in their hand at all times is absolutely true. No matter where you are, you can easily spot at least 5 people around you clutching their cup…the bus stop, the office, the play ground, the dog park, even the ski resorts.

I myself was never really a coffee drinker until I came to Seattle 8 years ago. And I remember how, back then, it took me a while to get used to the ‘culture’. I certainly did not know the language of this culture; the size of the cup, the strength of the coffee, additional ingredients, even the color and consistency you request are all assigned stylish names to describe your beverage.

Of course, from an outside perspective, it can seem pretty silly and often overly indulgent. But I am not ashamed to admit that, through the years, I have found comfort and familiarity in its quirkiness and take pleasure in its indulgences. Of course, lately we’ve had to cut our costs, and make most of our espresso drinks at home (the machine was a treasured wedding gift 4 years ago).

So, as Seattleites we ask ourselves: how young is too young to indoctrinate our youth with the ways of this culture? Don’t worry; I don’t plan on allowing caffeine into their diet until they leave for college. But as new parents in Seattle, I am realizing that we are not the only ones who bring our coffee crazed ways into parenthood.

First, there are the kid-friendly coffee shops. These are AMAZING. Seriously, I am a huge fan. Except for the times that kids come home sick as a dog from sucking on the toys that haven’t been cleaned in months, I love kid-friendly coffee shops. Basically, the concept involves a closed off, kid proofed area with an assortment of toys and other play-mates for the Deuce to enjoy while I sit back with my Double Tall Non Fat Latte with a ½ shot of Vanilla on a comfy coffee-shop couch and gab with the other moms. (By the way, I’ve also heard there is a kid friendly bar, with the same concept in Seattle… Is that really a good idea? Of course, we are going to have to try it, and get back to you on that one.)

Recently, when the kids made the big switch from formula and breast milk to 100% whole milk, our preparation practices also had to change. We have found the best way to heat up their wholesome dairy beverage was with the steamer attachment on our home espresso machine. Just a quick froth to 110 degrees and presto: you’ve got a warm bottle in half the time a bottle warmer would take. If their lucky the Deuce will often get a nice layer of foam to top it off.

I then began to realize that I could order my children’s drink of choice while out and about at any given coffee shop (yes, there really is one nearly on every corner in Seattle).

They even have a fancy name for it:

“A Grande (16 oz between the two of them) Whole Milk Steamer at 110 degrees with Foam.”

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Hi Dana, Loved this post.

Have you been to Mosaic in Wallingford behind DICKs? Its on 44th and 2nd. I remember the exact address because I locked my kids in MY car outside of Mosaic (another story not worth going into here but..) The coffee shop IS CLEAN.. The guys working there are really nice too.

Posted by Blogger Archana, mama of twins @ Sunday, March 09, 2008 10:19:00 PM #

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