Sunday, February 17, 2008

100 pieces

D: Tonight I was looking forward to settling in with the boys for a quite night to ourselves. W went out with some friends and I made my favorite dish that I was looking forward to enjoying with the kiddos. The evening was going fine; dinner turned out great, and the boys loved it.

I didn’t let it bother me when O threw his tray on the floor, because the dogs were right there to eat every last morsel up. After dinner, I didn’t let it bother me when O ripped F’s sippy cup out of his hand only to have the lid pop off and spill water all over F’s pants. After all, who needs pants on when it’s just me and the boys having a lazy evening at home.

However, my evening was about to change when I returned from cleaning a few dishes in the kitchen and found Pantless-F’s poopy diaper in the middle of the room with F no where to be found.

To my dismay I soon found two giggling babies under a coffee table in the corner of the room, covered in poo. The poo was not just caked onto the babies but also a few toys and all over the foam mat flooring in the children’s play area. I quickly went into action, throwing the boys into their second bath of the day and hurried along through their bedtime routine downstairs. Back upstairs, for the next 2 hours, everything within reach of the poo-culprit had to be soaked, scrubbed, and hosed down…which is not how I envisioned my lazy evening at home alone to go.

Why did the clean-up take so long, you ask? Have you ever seen a kids play mat such as the Alphabet-Numbers mat? Little did I know that while only covering a 6 ft. square surface of our floor, it has over 100 separate pieces of thin textured foam.

Hours of entertainment for the little ones, yes…but also 2 hours of scrubbing if I ever have a run in with the poo-culprit again. Lesson learned.

Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 10:45 PM

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OH NO !!! They are too cute to get mad at. I am having 2 girls in a few weeks and hope that this poopy mess that you speak of is a boy thing. I have a feeling it's not but a girl can dream!!!

Posted by Blogger edie & ella @ Sunday, February 17, 2008 11:00:00 PM #

How are you supposed to nip this new skill in the bud? Yikes.

Posted by Blogger Carrie & Brook @ Tuesday, February 19, 2008 9:11:00 PM #

Oh my gosh, Dana! This is too funny. I remember you from first weeks and often read your blog. I appreciate your honesty about parenting and have yet to experience the poo-culprit, but I'm sure my turn will come. I hope W gives you another chance at quiet relaxing time soon.

Posted by Blogger Otto's Mommy @ Wednesday, February 20, 2008 7:09:00 AM #

As the mom of B/G twins, I can commiserate. I remember the first time I found poop everywhere, and the twins sitting on the floor, giggling and as happy as pigs in mud. Hope the poo-culprit does not make this a regular activity!

(And no, it's not limited the boys!)

Posted by Blogger Elsa @ Tuesday, February 26, 2008 12:35:00 PM #
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