Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ode to Our Nanny

D: The start of October brought enormous changes to our family. We said good-bye to our caregivers at the day care and hello to our totally awesome, loving, nurturing and fun nanny. We also said good-bye to frantic mornings, and to double-barrel-baby-holds up and down the day care stairs each day. We said good-bye to every contagious childhood illness that you can think of and more sick days taken off work than I can count. We said good-bye to the inconsistency of care (since they were hiring some one new to watch our children every few weeks). We said good-bye to the bright florescent lights and loud distracting sounds of other children playing and crying through the twins’ nap times.

This month we said ‘hello’ to our new nanny and enthusiastically welcomed her into our home and hearts. I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful this change has been for our family. Our mornings begin so seamlessly, without the chaos of having to rush two sleeping babies out of their slumber, through their feedings and dressed and out the door all before 7:30am. Now, they can sleep until 7 if they want to (and better yet, so can I!). Our nanny comes in and takes over with what ever we are doing and I can continue with MY morning routine. I can honestly say I have not blown dried my hair since I went back to work 4 months ago, and now I can!

When I get home, no matter how hard my day is at work, I am instantly happy when I see our nanny sitting on my living room floor singing songs, reading books or playing with the Deuce. It is such a welcoming sight to come home to.

The kiddos are also very happy with our new situation. They love to hear our nanny talk and sing to them, and they both light up when she comes into the room. They are napping wonderfully in their own cribs on fairly consistent schedules. She is teaching them new skills such as waving bye-bye, sign language, and eating from the bottle on thier own. She prepares home cooked meals (more on those later) in our kitchen for the boys. And they go on stroller walks through the neighborhood almost every day. Our dogs are even happier with the arrangement since they don’t have to be home alone all day.

We really lucked out by finding such an amazing person to assist us in raising our children. Not only is this arrangement less taxing on us, I honestly believe we could not have made a better decision for the well being of our children. As you can tell, I am one happy momma.

Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 11:22 AM

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Wow, sounds like a great arrangement!

You probably already know this, but you are on

I was looking at the list of blogs and thought it was pretty cool that yours came up!

Posted by Blogger Krissy @ Saturday, October 20, 2007 8:22:00 PM #

So happy for you all. It sounds like your life is much more relaxed and you can enjoy every minute of it guilt free- even the time to dry your hair!! congrats.

Posted by Anonymous Maggie Bowden @ Monday, October 22, 2007 6:16:00 PM #
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