Saturday, September 08, 2007


D: So many enormous changes are happening with our little guys every day. Both kiddos are eating just about anything we put in front of them, 3 times a day. (We are still keeping it simple... mashed fruit and veggies with oatmeal.) F has been crawling now (an actual 4 point crawl, not just the army crawl) for 3 weeks at least. He is a quick little guy so I am pretty lucky that O is not as mobile yet, making it easier to get through our days in our still un-child-proofed house. Don't worry, it's gonna happen tomorrow...or at least the process begins. I'm sure we have NO idea how much we will have to change.

The last month has been a tough one for us, as we've been trying to "sleep train" the boys. Basically we are trying to get rid of the night feeding that was happening once, maybe twice, per child each night between 3 and 5am. It's been a very tough road... starting with my sobs and pleas to allow me to breast feed and ending with 3 glorious nights of each of them sleeping through the night, 7:30pm-6am. Unfortunately, on the 4th night both kids came down with a nasty bug, making it hard for them to keep anything down so their sleep was disrupted considerably. They are still getting over it and once they are healthy again we are back on track. Sleep, beautiful I come.

Their most recent achievement has been the twins' ability to stand while holding onto something stationary. And even more, F has pulled himself up to a stand on his own. They LOVE standing. Their new favorite game is to stand in their own cribs (1 foot apart from each other) and swat at each other while cracking up laughing.

This morning, I pulled O into bed with me to feed him while F was still sleeping. We heard F wake up, and start to stir in his crib. The next sound we hear is music from his mobile that he has recently discovered he can turn on himself. A few minutes later we start to hear him yell. W goes into the nursery to find F standing on the side of the crib, looking into O's empty crib and yelling for his brother!

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Love this last picture! Fantastic cheeky smiles. When do I meet them?


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