Friday, August 03, 2007

Life in the "High Occupancy Vehicle" lane

W: Here it is, that moment of truth: The eve of our first full-fledged family vacation. Over the past couple of posts, I wrote about the end of the Deuce's sedentary, stationary life. Well, it's the end of mine too. I've been on a stationary plan since well before the Deuce arrived. Then I went back to school, and then I had to take that silly exam that pretty much wasted my entire summer. And so finally, after a long and crazy haul, I've got room to boogie a little bit, and we're taking the kids on the road. It's Twin Tour 2007!

To an outsider, it may appear that I have my shit together, but really it's all Dana's doing. She's the meat and the potatoes in this operation, and she keeps me in line. Like the Deuce, I'm her ward. This cold, hard reality made itself plainly evident when I set out to pack for our trip about a half hour ago, and I honestly have no idea what to do other than wait for her to return home.

It was just last year that, after more than three decades of tears and toil, I learned how to take care of myself on the road. It was a major milestone. And now the rules have changed? I'm supposed to bring the Deuce's stuff in my pack too? I'll tell you this much, it is going to be awkward when I trip over myself in the early morning light trying to put on a onesie thinking it is a pair of boxers.

As you can see, my limitations are in plain view. So rather than continue to hack away at them, I've decided to pursue a different tack. From here on out, I'll be taking on a more spiritual role in this our little family endeavor by channelling that famous travelling father, the one and only Clark Griswold.

I may not be able to actually find the worlds largest ball of twine (Dana is our Navigator), but you can be damned sure that I can get Dana and the Deuce excited about seeing it. You just wait to see the looks on their faces when I post the pictures...they'll look soooooo happy in those will be like they were whistling zippity do da out of their......

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Hey look kids, it's Big Ben

Posted by Blogger The Hiner Family Blog @ Saturday, August 04, 2007 2:59:00 PM #

Good luck, that's all I can say.

Posted by Blogger Stacie @ Sunday, August 05, 2007 5:56:00 PM #

I think you'll find that it's the "second largest ball of twine". I hate to correct you, but if your going to quote the movie you may as well get it correct...


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ Monday, August 06, 2007 7:24:00 AM #
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