Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day, everyday

Walker: Happy Earth Day, everyone. It's the one day of the year that we set aside to remind ourselves that we live on a fragile planet that requires our protection. Pardon me for saying so, but every day should be Earth Day. Finally, a critical mass of folks are starting to agree. A wide variety of social forces are coalescing around the idea that environmentalism is the major issue of our time.

If you don't buy Al Gore's moral arguments in his Academy Award winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, then I recommend checking out Thomas Friedman, the noted conservative economist, who argues in The Power of Green that America can regain its stature in the world economically and politically by becoming greener. If that doesn't sway you, check out the Evangelical Christian environmental movement.

Here in Twin Town, we're trying our best to do our part, and it is important to realize that we can always be better. We used to only recycle, but now we compost too. I used to drive a car to work, then I rode a Vespa, and now I ride my bike to work everyday (May is Ride Your Bike to Work Month, by the way). Organic food. Environmentally-sound cleaning products. Buy used. Sell it to someone else. Remodel your home with environmentally responsible materials.

In the picture below, the Deuce are wearing cloth diapers, so we're not clogging our landfills with disposables. Yes, it's more work, but when we look at our little guys, it's well worth the extra effort.

I guess that brings me to my final point, which has everything to do with our boys. When, 20 or 30 years from now, they ask us what we were doing to stop Global Warming/Climate Change, I want to tell them, "I was doing everything I possibly could do." Join us, for the next generation.

Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 1:03 PM

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wow, cloth diapers!!! i commend you for doing that, i never got into the cloth diaper thing myself, but i definitely see where you are coming from. to be quit honest, i never really gave it much thought. my girls are going to be potty training in the next month or so so tehre will be no more diapers fo us anyway. the picture is adorable!!!

Posted by Blogger Doug & Stacy Fournier @ Monday, April 23, 2007 1:58:00 PM #
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