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There’s Just Something About Grandparents

D: Obviously, through pregnancy, I was preparing for the changes in our lives that would offer us new roles and identities. My idea of what it meant to be a ‘parent’ and ‘mother’ was being redefined through personal experiences. I really hadn’t given it much though to how our parent’s self identity would also change as they take on the role of grandparents.

In addition, a new relationship immediately formed the moment our children were born. What was once ‘parent and child’ is now ‘grandparent and parent’. While we were once the center of their attention, their affection is now being shared with their love for their grandchildren. This is not a bad thing, rather a very amazing and awesome realization: Someone other than myself and W can love our children as much as we do. I had no idea.

First, I must clarify that W’s parents are not first time grandparents. The Deuce has 3 older cousins. However, this has not lessoned the excitement and adoration that has poured forth from W’s parents.

The Deuce’s first dose of grandparents occurred when they were just 3 days old. My mom and step dad came out from MN for a short trip to welcome the little ones into the family.

My mother then came back 10 days later and stayed for a week to help out around the house and soak up some grandbaby lovin’. I can honestly say I have never seen her so enamored. It was incredibly helpful having her here, and the timing could not have been more perfect. She was my 2nd pair of hands when W was at school or work and helped me learn how to maneuver life with the boys. She offered to babysit one night as W and I had our first date night. (My first sushi in 9 months!! Yum!) She even took all the 3 AM feedings the entire week she was here!

When the boys were 4 weeks old W’s mom visited from Indiana to help out and enjoy her time with the grandkids. Everyday she took the dogs for walks, helped with the housework, and offered me time to sleep in, run errands, take long showers, do laundry…whatever I needed to take care of myself. We can't wait for her return visit with Grandpa S in May.

Last weekend my dad and step mom got their fill of the Deuce. It was so much fun to watch them enjoy our children the way that we do. My dad spoke fondly to each of them about future adventures they will have with grandpa (“Can you say ‘snowmobile… jet ski’?”) while my step mom wowed us with her baby-whisperer skills. Again, the help around the house, with the dogs, and the diaper changes were very much appreciated.

The Deuce can not wait to meet their grandad and grandma K, who have called from Indiana almost daily since their birth and adorned them in their first Colt’s gear in time for the Super Bowl. We are planning a time when the boys can meet them in person soon.

The visits and calls from family have been incredibly rewarding and have, in many ways, helped us ease into our lives with our little ones. The biggest reward, however, has been getting to know our parents for the first time…as our children’s grandparents.

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Hi there Dana, Your babies are gorgeous and your Mom and Allan look just tickled to death. I know how thrilled they were to know you were pregnant, and then with twins. What a double blessing. I have followed your journey through and am thrilled that your mom got me here. Hope you and Walker have a great life with those boys and continued happiness with the grandparents. They will forever be their fans. Theresa Spann

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