Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Powder Day

W: I got a call last night from my good friend and #2 snow sports pal, Obie, who he told me that there was 18 inches of new snow on its way. "It is dumping. We must go," he said. And since my mom is in town to hang with the Deuce (hi mom!), I could go. But unfortunately, my #1 snow sports pal is still recovering from delivery, so she couldn't.

This was my first time snowboarding this year, and to be completely honest, I felt wee bit guilty for going up without D. I felt guilty the entire ride to the mountain. And I felt guilty every time I was on a chairlift. And I felt guilty the entire ride back from the mountain. But on the way down, cutting through the silkiest, lightest, loveliest powder of the season? I didn't feel at thing. (Sorry honey!)

What I did feel was daydreamy. In fact it was one of the daydreamiest days I've ever experienced. Maybe it was the powder, but I suspect it was more than that. You see, every where I turned, I saw a dad and his son, or a dad and his daughter, or a dad and his wife and their three kids. And every time I saw a family, I thought of all the fun Dana and I are going to have skiing and snowboarding with the Deuce. Poor Obie had to listen to me the entire time (thanks Obie!) jabber on and on about how much fun we're going to have (I was channelling Clark Griswold from the first Vacation movie).

I tell ya, I am nostalgic for fun that we haven't even had yet! Seriously, I can't wait. Do you think it's safe to snowboard with the Deuce in a Baby Bjorn carrier? hmmm.....

Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 11:38 PM