Wednesday, December 13, 2006


We've had what we hope is a slight hiccup.

Dana went into her OB's for a routine 31-week exam, and the doctor noticed that her cervix had changed over the last week. Today, her cervix is funnel-shaped and maybe even a little dilated - that's not so good. It seems we have a slight misunderstanding between us, the Parents-to-be, and the Twins.

All along we've been whispering sweet in utero messages to them that we expect them to be overachievers. The good news is that the Deuce is listening to what we say. The bad news is that the Deuce got the wrong idea. They seem to think that overachieving means being born early...wrong!

Dana's fine, but the doctors want to monitor her closely for a few days at the hospital.

The wonderful world of Bed Rest has arrived. Please wish her well - we're just hanging out at our hospital meeting lots of nice nurses who are being very kind. (It sorta makes my Trusts & Estates final today seem a wee bit insignificant.)

Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 7:58 PM

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i guess if you have to experience some bed rest, 31 weeks is not too bad a time to do're almost there! i'm sure it will be short lived and you'll be back to your dancing-self in no time (i loved that video, by the way). you're definitely in our thoughts!

t and j

Posted by Blogger J + T Silverman @ Thursday, December 14, 2006 1:22:00 PM #
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