Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Setting the record straight...

Dana: Especially for those who think other wise: I honestly do love being pregnant.

I know that I don't always answer the question, "How are you doing", with something that sounds blissfully content. No, I usually give you something that refers to my utter surprise at how a human body can go through so much stretching, weight gain, muscle ache, swelling, and fatigue. But let me be clear...I truly love every minute of it.

Think of it less like complaining, and more like astounding revelations of the wonders of twin pregnancy. The way I figure it, anything in my life that is a known temporary state of being (good or bad) provides an opportunity to go through the experience with more interest, intrigue, and appreciation.

Here are some things I have appreciated the most:

1) Being pregnant, I've felt a connectedness to my body that I've never felt before. I am more in tune with all aspects of it than I've ever been. I hope I continue to feel this way, after pregnancy. It feels good to be so aware.

2) I feel absolutely no desire or interest in going out for a drink on a Friday night, hanging out in a smoky bar or club. This is a good thing! For a while there, my 20's were getting a bit too wrapped up every opportunity to party. I am definitely over it.

3) For the first time in my life, I have started to visualize my life as a mom. Honestly, I've never let myself think about it. As each week brings me closer and closer to actually becoming Momma, I am having so much fun imagining what kind of parents Walker and I will be.... and I am already proud of who our children be as a result.

4) It is amazing to feel them move around inside me!! It took a while to get used to the sensations of other beings inside my body (still kind of weird, when I put it that way!), but now I look forward to every movement. I study them and try to determine the differences in their behavior. It is the first steps towards learning their uniqueness and individualities.

5) Finally, even though my size and body aches can be debilitating, each challenge of this pregnancy feels incredibly rewarding. When I see their eyes meet mine, I will truly feel the pay off of the most satisfying accomplishment of my life.

Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 7:50 PM