Sunday, November 12, 2006

"No, actually it's another few months..."

Dana: At least 4 times a day I give that answer to a stranger that has commented on my rather large pregnancy state. Their remarks are usually something along the lines of either:

"Any day now, huh?"
"I bet you’re relieved that it's almost over!"
"You look like you're about to explode!"
"You must be in the home stretch now!"

This has not only been a bit of an annoyance while I am trying to go about my daily errands, but also shocking to me how many people feel they absolutely MUST comment on my size. I had no idea that people were so inclined.

It also has been a bit disheartening. It almost makes me feel like, "yeah, why isn't it just around the corner? Haven't I gotten big enough?" My doc has told me that I've reached full term size for a single birth pregnancy and I haven't even gotten to the 3rd trimester yet! I measured the other day at 47'' around my midsection (up from 42 inches, just 2 weeks ago). I have grown out of most of my large maternity clothing. Even Walker has noticed people's reactions and stares as we walk in and out of public places. It's like they are thinking that I shouldn't be there, but rather the in hospital, pushing.

So, while a twin pregnancy is usually a shorter gestational period, it FEELS like it's taking much longer than a single pregnancy, since I'll actually be in the "home stretch" for several months.

The big much bigger am I going to get?!

Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 10:48 AM

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Hey you two! I have really enjoyed your blog. I had to comment on this as a fellow pregnant woman. I have the opposite happen to me -- you are so small - you can't be x weeks. Then I think.. what does this mean? is something wrong? am i having a runt baby? However after months of this, now all i hear is "blah blah blah". I get a glazed look on my face and people usually just stop talking. I take comfort in the fact that while the average person has had some pregnant friends and seen 9 episodes of ER, they know very little about medicine, science, and the mysteries of pregnancy.

Posted by Blogger alicia @ Tuesday, November 14, 2006 8:00:00 AM #

hi dana and walker! i really enjoy your blog as a fellow preggo mama w/twin boys. i'm about 2 weeks behind you and haven't hit the "you must be ready to pop any day now" barage, but know it's not too far away. hang in theresamson! here's our blog:

Posted by Blogger J + T Silverman @ Wednesday, November 15, 2006 5:27:00 AM #
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