Thursday, October 19, 2006


Walker: We're in the phase of Dana's pregnancy where the doctors are going keep a closer eye on her and the boys, so Dana has appointments every two weeks. The radiologist snapped this ultrasound picture yesterday, and he said the little guys are 1.8 lbs each!

The picture is of Baby B, who gets that name because he is furthest from Dana's cervix and will be born after Baby A, who's closer. According to the radiologist, the boys have moved from laying on top of each other horizontally (transverse) to laying next to one another vertically. Apparently there is more room that way, and they need every bit they can get. Both of the boys' heads are facing down, which is good news, but we'll be watching because they can still move into a breach position.

A quick acknowledgement: I would not have been able to write about the complexities of a twin birth without taking Sheryl Rasmussen's twins birthing class at the University of Washington. The class was full of great facts and tips, and we met fellow to-be-parents of twins, who I'm sure we'll contact soon. A big thanks to Sheryl for putting together such a great and welcoming course, and another to Dana for enrolling us and dragging me along.

In other news, I'm addicted to watching Dana's belly. We lie in bed or on the couch together for hours, and I rest my head against her stomach watch for little knees and elbows to send ripples through the surface tension of her skin. I had no idea.

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He looks so nice and cozy in there. Man looking at that picture made me want another.

Aren't the little bumps that you can see so cute?

Posted by Blogger Melissa @ Friday, October 20, 2006 3:29:00 PM #

Awww....I want another baby! :( Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I used to poke my belly to make the baby move. I was so mean!

Posted by Blogger ProudMary @ Saturday, October 21, 2006 7:07:00 AM #

Amazing and touching to see you share this stuff! Good luck to you, your boys will have great parents :)

Posted by Anonymous Linda @ Saturday, October 21, 2006 3:30:00 PM #
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