Sunday, September 24, 2006

Gettin the Hang of This!

I realize I have been slacking on the blog updates when that list in my head (the one that's called "I Can't Forget to Tell Everyone About This") gets too long to keep track of. The list's summary: I really feel like I am getting the hang of this pregnancy stuff!

First, I am so excited to say that the sciatic pain has almost vanished (YEAH!!). I can't tell you how much easier life is without having such excruciating pain 24/7. Of course there are other pains that have replaced it, but they seem more normal...more pregnant-with-twins related. Thanks to everyone who extended their heartfelt concern and empathy during those tough 4 weeks.

Second, even though I am HUGE and growing at a record pace, I am feeling pretty good about the stylish maternity wardrobe I'm sporting! I have to give %100 props to this wonderful invention called the BellaBand. It allows me to wear tons of my old clothes, saving me so much money. I recommend it for anyone who is pregnant. It is a lifesaver.

Oh, and some really exciting news... I felt the first kick last Thursday! I was walking up a flight of stairs at work with some co-workers and I felt something that was like a rubber band lightly snapping from within my stomach. I totally freaked out and got overly and outwardly excited (maybe a little too much for work!). It was the coolest feeling. I felt like screaming and laughing and crying all at the same time. Kinda hard to explain. I mentioned those feelings to my friend, Tara (also a parent), who pointed out that this will not likely be the last time these boys make me feel that way!

Finally, a word about relaxation. For any of you who know me well, you know it is hard for me to slow down. If I do, it is not for long. Well, I am learning through the advise of other twin moms, the twin childbirth classes we are taking (I'll let Walker tell you about the classes), and the pregnancy book we are reading that learning how to relax, really relax, will be the second most important thing I can do to have a healthy pregnancy. (The first is, of course, eating as much as humanly possible.) I not only have Walker to thank for helping ease the burden at home, but today my wonderful girlfriends pitched in as well. They threw me a fabulous Pamper Party, truly helping me feel comfortable, relaxed and so incredibly blessed to have such a great supportive group of friends. Thanks ladies! I'm ready to take on the next 19 weeks!

Posted by Walker Lockhart @ 6:55 PM