Sunday, July 23, 2006

Well, look at that!! There's another one!!

D: That's what the ultrasound tech said to us after I asked the question, "are you sure there's not more then one in there?"

I found out I was pregnant on June 5th, our 2nd wedding anniversary. Although I could hardly contain my excitement all day, I waited until W came home from work to give him his anniversary 'gift'. We both were so thrilled and surprised at how quickly it happened! Because I didn't know how far along I was my doc suggested scheduling an ultrasound to determine the due date. The ultrasound was scheduled for my birthday, June 22nd. Well, can you imagine a better birthday gift?? ...Another baby!!

Our dear friends happened to be in the same hospital that morning, recovering from the birth of their newest little one, Emmett Quinn, the day before. We met them in their room and showed them the ultrasound pic. Justin (having just gone through the experience of planning for ONE baby and helping his wife go through the pain of giving birth to ONE baby) takes one look at the pic, notice the TWO babies, and immediately a look of shear terror comes over him! It was priceless.

That night we met 18 of our closest friends for my birthday dinner, and had a blast telling each one of them about our double-the-fun news. Everyone's reaction was so hilarious! Several of our friends agreed...If anyone were going to have twins, it would be us!

I am now entering into my 11th week, and although I do still get a kick out of people's reactions when I tell them about the twins, the news is not as shocking to me. W and I are settling in to the idea of our little team of two. We are starting to formalize the first of many plans. I am extremely looking forward to my 1st trimester to be over, so I can have the energy to actually put some of these plans into action.

It's been a fairly easy 1st tri, I can't complain too much. I have not been nauseous, unless I am very hungry. I haven't had any weird cravings, only lots and lots of fruit. My belly is growing at a record pace and I can only imagine what it will look like a month from now...heck, three months from now! Whew! My energy is fairly sustainable throughout the day, but every evening after work I am totally useless. W has been a huge help, pitching in where I fall short. He is constantly reminding me that my only job is to give the babies what they need, and if they need rest then that's what they will get.

Most of the time I am just trying to convince them that they don't actually need a Dicks Cheeseburger. :)

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that story is the best what a way to find out im a single dad to two year old twin boys Dylan and Tyler they are my life i will keep reading thanks for all your addvice you have put on here it will be most help full love timohy from tennessee

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